Radical Men's Ministry

You were created for the ABUNDANT LIFE.  We are the FAMILY to help you experience it.





establish your walk with Christ

with community

deepen your walk with Christ

be part of a mission bigger than yourself

Unlock your potential as a husband, father, and leader.

The only ones who understand the difficulties men face is other men. You do not have to walk alone. Radical Men’s Ministry exists to cultivate authentic relationships that empower you to experience true freedom. 

Here, you’ll find a group of like-minded men who come together to discuss issues specific to men, such as fatherhood, marriage, career, and personal growth. Our ministry also offers guidance and mentorship from experienced men who have been there and done that.

You will discover how to walk in your purpose and we will walk with you.

How do you get involved?

Send us a message below and we’d love to connect you with all our men’s ministry has to offer.

You can join a Radical Men’s Life Group that meets across the city. Or simply participate in our monthly large group gathering for a time of worship and teaching. There you can meet men and find a group that works best for you.